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Don’t pike out on shielding your family.

Everyone should have a plan just in case life hands you some serious lemons.

No family should be left in the lurch when a loved one passes away. For just $1 a day, you can help your family with mortgage payments, household bills and those other day-to-day expenses that would still need to be paid.

And, we make it easier to keep your cover through all of life’s stages. Other insurance companies might let you keep a big benefit for life, but they’ll also charge you more for it as you get older. We understand that people often lower their life insurance cover as they age. So instead of charging you more to keep the same amount of cover, we promise that you’ll always pay just $1 a day, but lower your cover a bit each year. Get all the details about this and any other $1 a Day Life Cover questions you have in our Life Cover FAQs.

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Why go with $1 a Day Life Cover?

Quick & easy acceptance.

NZ residents between 21 & 55 can be covered – no health questions* or doctor’s visit needed!

Always $1 a day. No, really.

Fixed premiums mean you’ll always know how much to budget for.

Boost your cover (optional).

Want a little extra? You can boost your cover for just 25¢ more a day!

Flexible payments to suit you.

Pick a schedule that works for you – fortnightly, monthly, or once a year.

Sliding cover amount.

Your total life benefit lowers over time, but you'll always pay just $1 a day until cover ends at 70.

Terminal illness pay out

Get your benefit paid out early if you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness.

*Okay, so some exclusions for pre-existing medical conditions do apply – keep reading below for the fine print.

Pre-existing medical conditions – what gives?

To keep $1 a Day Life Cover affordable and easy-to-get, we need to include some waiting periods and exclusions for pre-existing medical conditions with every policy – lawyer’s orders.

This means that some things are only covered after you’ve had your policy for 5 years (such as a claim caused by suicide, a self-inflicted injury or certain medical conditions that were around before you bought your policy). And there are a few things that are never covered, like certain jobs and hobbies that are considered particularly dangerous. (That lawyer’s a real stickler.)

For complete details on what is and isn’t included in our $1 a Day Life Cover, please read the Policy Wording.

Life cover for $1 a day.

More reasons to choose $1 a Day Life Cover.


We’ll cover you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no matter where you may roam.


Pay your premiums yearly or monthly & get a discount. That’s more money in your pocket!


We’re all online, making things faster for you. (But you can still talk to a human if you prefer!)


Our offices are based in Auckland with just a little help from our friends across the ditch.

burning questions?

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