How does $1 a Day Funeral Cover work?

$1 a Day Funeral Cover is a little different to other insurance policies. Instead of you selecting a cover amount and us telling you how much it costs, we flip the script. Every funeral cover policy costs just $1 a day, but the amount of cover you can get for that amount will depend on things like your age and if you smoke.

You can also add a little extra cover to your policy for just 25c more a day!


Can I get more cover? What’s this Cover Booster I’ve been hearing about?

Absolutely! We offer an optional Cover Booster for just 25c more each day. Your Cover Booster amount depends on your...

Why do you need to know my age?

Knowing your age helps us do two things:

1. Make sure we can sell you a policy - You must be between 40...

I’m a smoker. Will this affect my cover? What substances count towards smoking?

Yes, smoking will affect how much cover we can offer you. This is because smokers may be more likely to develop some...