Will my cover amount ever be lowered as I get older? Will you lower my cover as I get older?

With $1 a Day Funeral Cover, your benefit amount won’t be lowered because you get older. You’ll enjoy the same cover from day one to when a claim is made, for as long as you keep your policy (unless you add or remove the Cover Booster along the way).


How is my cover amount calculated?

We just need to ask your age, gender and if you smoke to figure out how much cover we can offer you. Our...

Can I get more cover? What’s this Cover Booster I’ve been hearing about?

Absolutely! We offer an optional Cover Booster for just 25c more each day. Your Cover Booster amount depends on your...

Will my payments go up each year?

Nope. You’ll always know how much to pay, because we’ve locked our prices at just $1 a day (plus any